Recreational services

Didactical, social and recreational projects are proposed to different population groups (children, adults and seniors) to raise awareness about environment and food production and to bring customers closer to natural environment and farming areas. Multidisciplinary and participatory approaches are applied.

 “Summer in the countryside”

Pedagogic project involving children (4-11 years) in weekly educational and ludic natural themed modules in the agricultural environment during the school vacation. Activities promote them to become more confident with natural environment, plant growth and vegetable food production.

Guided excursions

Our professional nature and walking guides accompany individuals or groups to visit natural areas and discover the ecosystems in Marche Region, with particular attention to the regional protected areas (e.g. Conero Park)


Orienteering is an exciting sport, that brings people closer to the nature and tests the skills of map reading and cross-country running, in which competitors race through an unknown area to find checkpoints with the aid of a compass and a map.

Special events

Fairy tales in the woods, treasure hunts, meteor shower nights, haunted nights and season events in the natural environment to reconnect people with nature.

Corn maze

Summer date with the amazing corn maze. Hort designs, implements and supervises mazes in the countryside

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Care farming

Gardening and plant-based activities related to social and therapeutic horticulture

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