Technical services

High level of competence were developed in activities related to horticultural sciences and environment.

Main fields of experience: plant physiology, agronomy, fruit tree growing; olive growing; sustainability in soil management; vegetable and field crops; farming multifunctionality; plant biodiversity; participative approach for rural management; dissemination to raise stakeholders awareness.

Flower mapping and plant architecture

Hort provides innovative services to evaluate fruit plants productive performance estimating the crop potential.

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Research activity

Hort cooperates in research projects oriented to observe the effect of different growing techniques and to better understand plant physiology.

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Advanced education

Hort provides seminars, trainings, workshops and dissemination activities on specific topics related to horticulture

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Maze planning

Hort designs, implements and supervises mazes in the countryside .

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Garden trainer

An expert trainer to follow you every step of the way in the realization of your garden

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Planning for farm multifunctionality

Hort develops, plans and implements multifunction activity as factors to diversify the services provided by the farms and enhance the development of agricultural sector in the urbanizing regions

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EU Partnership

HORT cooperates in research projects combining agronomical issues, environmental sustainability and stakeholders’ involvement for EU calls (LIFE, HORIZON 2020 etc.)

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Multidisciplinary projects

Projects for public authorities, schools, exhibitions, museums. Participatory planning and stakeholder involvement

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Highly Qualified Staff

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Specialized Consultancy