Research activity


H.O.R.T. Soc. Coop has been established partnerships with several organizations for developing research projects and cooperating in promotion and dissemination activities.

Capitalizing the different competences of the team, Hort makes available expertise to develop and carry out research projects aimed to the crop improvement, with the opportunity to involve stakeholders. Maintaining partnership with academic community, Hort offers specific expertise and the capacity to base the research on an overall view of the scientific issues and to connect with the productive world.

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Expertise: Agriculture, Food, Environmental protection, Waste management, Sustainable development, Dissemination and Education

Skills: Plant physiology, strawberry physiology, olive growing, tree pruning, meristems analysis, plant architecture, sustainability in soil management, vegetable and field crops, farming multifunctionality;

Human resources: horticultural scientists.

Main projects:



Project on the use of compost from urban waste as a sustainable source in agriculture. Compost was used as soil amendment to replace chemical fertilizer and as mulching material. Critical points of the distribution chain were evaluated using participatory approach.

Growing media for urban farming

Research aimed to the evaluation and characterization of crop and agro-industrial by-products as alternative to peat in the preparation of growing media and as organic mulching materials. Hemp fiber, coir wastes (pith and fiber), wine wastes and green compost were studied.

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